Medicine degree @UniversityOfFlorence
Personal trainer @CONI&FIPE
TACFIT team leader@RMAX International
Coach CST@RMAX International

Free your body
Free your mind.
- Nicola Orlando -


We have a unique
blend of talent that allows
us to offer such a diverse
range of services.

A training system whose objectives are both to maximise articular mobility and strengthen muscular structure. To discover the latest news about tacfit events click here. Go to the official website to know all about worldwide TACFIT events. You will meet the bravest team leaders and discover a new training system (program). Go to section About to find out more about TACFIT.

Come to RSO Center in Rome and join my TACFIT course. My course is suitable for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, male or female with a sincere passion for sport and the interest to explore a deeper awareness of their own bodies. Whichever is your training focus, you will achieve it through my support with TACFIT. Go to section CONTACT for any further information.

Intelligence without ambition
is a bird without wings.
Salvador Dali


Bodyflow: free your body
TACFIT: make it strong and resistant
Discover your potential, do it now!

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A journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step.
- Lao Tzu -


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If you spend too much time thinking about a thing,
you'll never get it done.
- Bruce Lee -